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3D leaf camouflage clothing

3D leaves clothing can be a perfect addition to your photo gear!
With specialized wildlife photography clothing, you remove the contours of your own body, wildlife will no longer see or recognise you as human. An animal that is at ease shows its natural behaviour and will not run away if it no longer sees you as human.

Also, wearing this camouflage clothing will make your hands and face less noticeable, usually these are parts of your body that light up a bit, even in dark spaces.

Buteo Photo Gear offers green camouflage clothing in different sizes, from an s to an xxl suit.
Nature photography shooter clothing for men and women!

Camouflage gear

It’s a must to have wildlife photography clothing if you want to take the photo of your dreams. You will be able to come closer to your subject and learn more about all the behavior. This will end in the photo you always wanted to take.

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