Buteo Photo Gear ® came from my passion for nature photography. My name is Jurgen Sloots and for about 35 years, nature photography is my big hobby. But where does a hobby stop and work starts? For me there is a clear difference between photographing as a hobby and being busy with business around nature photography.

It all started in high school around the age of 15. I had been a member of a youth association for nature studies for years and watching birds was my biggest interest. At one point I wanted to record the sightings and a first photo equipment was purchased.
A well-known Eindhoven nature photographer gave me his old photo hide / photo blind and from that moment on I was fascinated by hides / blinds. Being with nature while being invisible!

After my first tent had gone, I bought my first commercial hide / blind in England and later more. With these hides / tents I have had many beautiful observations and I have been able to take beautiful pictures.

In my career I have always worked in logistics, a large part of which as a logistic manager. At one point my wife and I were dreaming about winning the state lottery and what we would do if money were no longer an issue. My dream was nature photography and keeping myself busy with articles for nature photographers.

That winning has not (yet) happened, but the dream was there. Why do not you start something around nature photography, my wife said: done like that. Buteo Photo Gear ® was born! A webshop with articles for nature photographers.

In addition to working as a logistics manager, I therefore run a web shop with, among other things, photo hides / photo blinds of all kinds of suppliers. At the Festival of the Dutch Birdlife partner I met a company in 2006 and together we developed the shelter tent Buteo. It became one of the best-selling hiding tents ever.

After the crisis hit in 2008, I had several employers and I have experienced some reorganizations that have not been put in my cold clothes. My whole team was fired and finally I could go myself. At that time there was a vacancy as sales & project manager at the company where I had developed the Buteo and then I started working there. With my own commercial activities, I stopped. It made my job from my hobby, but it worked out differently; after a burn-out I got a different job and then a reorganization followed. I also sat at the employees who were made redundant and that made me think a lot.

Meanwhile, 51 years old, I continued to apply for logistic functions with the result that there are candidates who fit in better with the profile than I do. I also thought that would be different. I started with the development of a completely new line of shelters and accessories for nature photographers. This with a lot of input from customers who previously bought a photo hides / photo blinds from Buteo Photo Gear ®  . There is now a single, double and a lie photo hide / photo blind. There are camouflage nets, lens covers, snoots, rain covers, beanbags, lens warmers, camouflage tape and baghides etc.

Buteo Photo Gear 
®  was removed from the stable and even their own brand name was invented: Buteo Photo Gear. Buteo comes from Buteo buteo, the Latin name for buzzard, an opportunistic bird that sees opportunities everywhere! And the buzzard has been my favorite bird for me since my childhood. I do not do this alone, my wife Sylvia, son Jordi and daughter Lindi support me where necessary.

Photographing and experiencing nature has therefore really remained my hobby and ensures pleasant relaxation.
I hope that I have made it clear to us / me that we are true enthusiasts who have their own experience to develop our products.

A lot of nature photo fun and hopefully the articles of Buteo Photo Gear ® can help you to take those pictures that you have in mind!

Jurgen Sloots & team
Buteo Photo Gear 

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