Photo Hide Falco Mark II Reed

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Bivi Hide Falco Reed is a single bivi hide and an extension to the best-selling hiding tent ever: our Buteo. Our follower asked us for a very long time to develop a bivi hide and here it is: our Falco! This hide is not developed for hunting as you see, but especially for bird and wildlife photography.

We have listened carefully to our customers and incorporated the feedback into the new with result; the next generation hiding tent has become more user friendly. Easier to use, so in no time you’re making your next dream images of wildlife!

 Pre-assembled poles for easy 10-second setup

 1 person tent also suitable for sleeping

 Shooting from worm’s eye view (a 15 cm)

 Groundsheet over the entire surface

 Invisible because of the dark cloth inside

state firmer, kind of hoop construction, Clinch the hide with the pegs to let it stand, possibility to mount a snoot/lens cover, All sides strings for fitting camouflage (net), The door doesn’t "fall" down but hangs aside, Bay accommodate with camouflage insectnet, zippers with strings (less noise), zippers match with the color of the tent, Two convenient storage compartments insidemany opportunities to make beautiful  foto’s across the ‘’shootwindows", good worm eye view  by 4 peep holes of 6 x 9 cm, strong fabric which can take a beat, waterresistance windows on all sides, also low! Windows also destine of insectnet, Fitting sleeve springs aren’t black but camo, the camo insectnet protects against insects, Super camouflaged by a forestprint, easy to set up, see video , Easy to store in backpack.


Physical characteristics
Size: 230 x 90 x 80 (LxWxH)
Weight: 1.8 kg
Design: Forestprint camouflage Reed
Material: Polyester
Tightness: Waterproof while normal rain showers
Construction: Triple hooped construction
Person: One person
Inside: Black coated

Hide set up
Set up time: 10 seconds
Store time: 20 seconds

4 windows of 6 x 9 cm
360 degrees viewing angle

Window sizes
Front: 24 x 39 cm (WxH)
Left and right sides: (2x) L+R 38 x 24 (WxH)

Height windows
Front under: On a 15 cm height.
Sides: Only look/air hole on a 35 cm height.
Extra’s: Pegbag, 10 pegs, 4 guy ropes, storebag

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