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Hide Cover Green Forest, BUTEO PHOTO GEAR

€ 99,95 (including VAT)

Hide Cover Green Forest


Do you also want to adjust the "look & feel" of your hide-away tent to the season or the environment from time to time?

We have developed hide covers for the Buteo Mark II, one of our best-selling photo hides / blinds.

The brown forest print of our Buteo Mark II is sufficient in most situations.

For the animals it usually doesn't really matter which print a tent has exactly, but you still want to blend in with the environment and certainly not be visible to other people who come to ask you what you are doing. Usually the subject has run away or flew away and you are in for nothing.

The Hide Cover Green Forest is a kind of cover with a forest print with green accents. Basically the same pattern as the brown forest print of the Buteo Mark II, but with green tones.

The cover is easy to put on the Buteo Mark II in less than 10 seconds.


✔ Very quick to confirm, in less than 10 sec

✔ Perfectly fits the Buteo Mark II

✔ Lightweight cover, so little extra weight

✔ Perfect camouflage in more green environments

✔ Strong fabric that can take a beating

✔ Snoot / Lenscover included


We made recesses in the cover where the loops are for attaching the guy ropes. Guy lines can also be used with the cover and the cover remains perfectly in place.

The cover is made of 150D polyester, the same strong and waterproof material as the hide tents and the inside is coated.

At the front is a fixed snoot / lens cover and an extra wide window with insect net so you can see through all three peepholes of the Buteo Mark II.

You can take pictures through the snoot / lens cover (included), which is about 75 cm long. The bottom window of the Buteo Mark II cannot be used.

At the bottom of the front is a zipper that you can use to put a tripod leg out to create even more space inside.

On the left and right side of the cover, the windows of the hide can be used as peephole. The Hide Cover contains an insect net for these windows, but you cannot take pictures through it.

The cover can also be turned to the other sides, so that you can photograph from lower points of view. The easiest way is to put the front of the cover on the back of the hide. Or you can use the zipper of the back to reach a lower position.

There is a zipper on the back so that you can easily get in and out of your shelter.

The weight is about 1000 grams and the Hide Green Forest comes with a handy storage bag.

(The Hide Cover is a COVER so the hide is not included!)

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