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Filip Blaauw (Norway)

My name is Filip Blaauw, I am a wildlife photographer from Norway. I started photographing with film when I was 15 years old and I got my first DSLR some years later. Though it’s only the last couple of years I have been serious about wildlife photography.

I live in Gjesdal in the south-west part of Norway, about 30 minutes from Stavanger city. From my home town I have a short distance to the mountains, the shore, beautiful fjords as well as the forest. I feel very lucky to be able to access a variety of wildlife close to home, and this is usually where you will find me with my camera.

I usually photograph from a hide, as I think you are more likely to witness the natural behaviour of the animal or bird you are looking for. Often it is simply required to stay hidden even just to get a glimpse of some of the more elusive species. You are also less likely to disturb the wildlife, and that is something I think us wildlife photographers should strive for.

I photograph from hides all year around. In the winter and early spring for birds of prey and black grouse, during the summer for pine marten and squirrels, and in the autumn for sparrowhawks and migratory birds to name a few. There is something special about being hidden and get to witness wildlife up close.

My specialties are: Smaller woodland animals like squirrels and pine martens. Birds, everything from smaller garden birds to larger birds of prey. Most often from a hide.

Camera trapping:
Another area of wildlife photography I really enjoy, is cameratrapping. It is a challenging form of photography where you have to dial in your settings in advance, and use your knowledge about the wildlife to get the picture you are after.
With cameratrapping you are also getting photographs that you would not get otherwise, often of elusive and nocturnal animals with a wide angle lens. It's challenging, but great fun.

Stay hidden, happy shooting!
Filip Blaauw


If you want to see more photos & videos of Filip, please feel free to check out his website, Instagram, Vero or Youtube channel:


Photos: © Filip Blaauw & Pål Christensen

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