Camouflagenet Snow White 2,4 x 3 m, lightweight

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Camouflagenet Snow White 2,4 x 3 m, lightweight, combi-set price

Do you also want to make some beautiful images from birds and mammals in winter time? In this case a snow white camouflage net would be an indispensable accessories to camouflage yourself so the animals won’t see you.

Our camouflage net snow white is at one side white and the other side light colored grey. The camo net has leaf cut and that's why the net looks very natural with different tones of white and light colored grey.

✔ Inclusive hiding bag

✔ Size 2,4 x 3 meters

 Light weighted (0.74 kg)

  Leaves patron  

  3D leaves patron by leaf cut

 Rot and fungus resistant

 Small packable

  Ideal as an extra with camouflage tent

 Ideal for camouflaging your car

 Ideal for camouflage without a tent

✔ Made of polyester


Please note: our camouflage nets are for outdoor use only!

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