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Floating hide 'Grebe' is an inflatable floating hide to take great photos of birds and mammals at a low level from the water. 
Easy to transport, easy to set-up, safe and comfortable in use so the perfect choice for this kind of specific low level wildlife photography.
A floating hide allows you to explore water ponds, lakes etc. uniquely, and you'll take pictures like never before. 
This specialized photo hide prevents birds and mammals from getting scared and taking off.
Experience an extraordinary, great way of nature photography!!

Advantages of ordering from us

  Ordered before 3 pm, shipped the same day.

  2-year warranty on your photo hide.

  Free exchange within 30 days.

  Safe buying and paying.

  14 days right of return.

  Own parts & service department.

Plus and minus points 

According to our photo hide specialist

+ Safe because of very sturdy material and double air chambers .

+ Possibility of even 2 different low levels which is unique!

+ Two removable storage bags inside (26x14x10 cm, 130 grams).

+ Reed/grass pattern tent (hydrostetic head 2.500mm).

+ Air pump is included.

+ Snoot/lens cover Reed is included.

-  You'll need an additional wetsuit, wader of a drysuit.


Developed by nature photographers

The Buteo floating hide 'Grebe' was developed by nature and wildlife photographers: Extensively tested and and adjusted where necessary before it was launched on the market.
This floating hide is our latest project to make our line of wildlife photo hides even more complete!

The floating tent is quite easy to set up: Pump both air chambers full, then place the mounting plate(s), the 2 storage bags, mount the tent section (easy umbrella system) and secure the tent fabric to the frame.
Your floating hide is ready for use!

Years of development

As you know, at Buteo Photo Gear, we only want the best for our customers. As nature and wildlife photographers ourselves, we took all the time we needed to develop and test our Floating Hide Grebe.
We've chosen for a sturdy and high quality PVC, 2 air chambers for maximum safety and 2 levels for photography, which is unique!

This floating photography hide comes with the following windows:

  • Front:  1 photo window + 3 observation windows
  • Back:   1 photo window + 3 observation windows
  • Left:    3 observation windows
  • Right: 3 observation windows

All windows have insect nets and are waterproof for normal rainy conditions.
photography snoot is included, which can be fitted at one of the photo openings front or back.

The boat/tube itself has sturdy ends of the 2 chambers (back), conical shaped for safety. For these ends, extra camo is included. All fixing points of the tube are double secured.
On the outside you'll find 26 x rings for attaching bags, nets, etc.
Paddles can be attached to it to use the boat as a belly boat (note that these paddles are not included).

Perfect camouflage

Birds and mammals are very shy of people. Camouflaging yourself and your gear with this floating photo tent allows you as a photographer to approach wildlife on the water surface or its edges without disturbing or scaring them. Because they no longer see you as a human being, they see no danger in it and you can often get great photos at very close range.
The camo pattern of the tent itself is our well known reed pattern, and it has the option of attaching additional camouflage such as branches, reeds etcetera. These extras can be attached using the strings and 20 sets of loops on the outside of the tent. If you do this properly, your hide will blend in even more with the surroundings. 
photo hide, Buteo Photo Gear

Easy, quick and mobile

The advantage of having your own portable floating hide is that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere and deploy it when an opportunity arises.

Lightweight and compact in size, this floating photohide is easy to take with you to your local area to use in a pool, pond or lake, going further afield or even travelling by plane.

Prepare well

Be sure you're prepared well before going into the water;

  • Make sure you know the heights of the water to keep it safe.
  • What is your goal: what birds or mammals do you want to photograph.
  • Are you allowed to enter the water? Ask the owner.
  • How about the light conditions.

Of course it's adviseable and wise to visit a nature area or pond first and prepare well so you can start nature photography on the water surface in a very focused and safe way.

Entering the water

If possible, seek for a spot which is not visible by humans or wildlife, so you don't scare of mammals or birds before you start.
Prepare your hide, place your photogear at the water's edge so that it is safe.
Enter the water by making use of of vegetation or an inlet. A reed bed or other shore vegetation can be very useful for entering the water unseen.
Make use of the 2 handles for easy carrying. Once in the water the handle on the front can be used to pull the tent along.

The tent fabric itself is made of a strong material (polyester 150D) that will last for a long period. During rain/showers you still keep dry because of the Hydrostatic Head of 2.500 mm. However, keep in mind that the windows are not waterproof, rainwater can seep in through there.

Imagine yourself waiting in your floating hide, perfectly still, well prepared and ready for action! Suddenly a grebe, heron, or a beaver shows up just the way you wanted. It is wonderful when you are successful and your target species appears right in front of you.
For wildlife and nature photographers nothing beats the feeling of taking nice shots of birds and wildlife, making it worth waiting. At that moment it is nice to rely on your gear and equipment!photo hide, Buteo Photo Gear

Taking photographs from the floating hide

When you enter the tent you'll notice the black coating on the inside to make it as dark as possible. The viewing windows with an insect net give you enough visibility on all sides to see your surroundings. One snoot/lenscover is included, so there's an extra viewing window (above the snoot). This snoot will camouflage your lens extra and protects it against waterdrops (same fabric as the tent), and it is the same used in our Buteo Mark II, Aquila Mark II en Falco series. So this photography snoot is interchangeable with these tents. An additional snoot can also be attached to the back (ordered separately).
The hide comes with 2 small bags for accessories, these can be removed if you wish. Two low level mounting plates are supplied, you can mount and use both at the same time. The photo level at the back of the hide is even more low, so you shoot with your lens literally at the water level. At the front you can mount the safety net (included) that prevents anything from falling into the water.

Using a floating hide is completely different to all other 'normal' hides we offer. You are in the water, and you have the possibility to move yourself to approach wildlife. However it's adviseable not to move too much, it's best to let birds or mammals come to you.

Patience and practising is everything!


Experiences from our specialists

  Light weight so easy to carry (6.1 kg in total).

  Compact size for transport.

  Save (2 air chambers for maximum safety with valves)

  Sturdy, high-quality PVC, 1.7 mm thick.

  Strong tent fabric waterproof (150D), reed pattern.

  Many extras, very complete, convenient features.

  Fair price.

  Fast umbrella style fibreglass frame.

  Reed/grass pattern tent.

  Can also be used as a (belly)boat.

Standard delivery

  • Floating hide tube.
  • Floating hide tent + frame.
  • Air pump.
  • Two mounting plates + 1 brass mounting screw (3/8).
  • Storage bag (Duffle bag style).
  • 1 Snoot/lens cover reed.
  • 2 extra storage bags for accessoires.
  • Safety net.
  • Manual and safety instructions.
  • Repair kit.

At Buteo Photo Gear, we are happy to advise you personally. So if you need help, please get in touch with us.

Buteo Photo Gear: Your Photo Hide Specialist

Specification Description
Person 1 Person hide
Design outside See description/title.
Design inside Black coated.
Material frame fibreglass
Construction 'umbrella' system
Length tent 120 cm.
Width tent 110 cm.
Height tent 80 cm.
Fabric tent Polyester 150D.
Water-resistant tent Hydrostatic head 2.500 mm.
Photo windows front 1x, low level
Photo windows back 1x, low level
Viewing windows front 2x, size 6x9cm. 1x, size 22x11cm. + 1 above the snoot
Viewing windows right 3x, size 22x11cm.
Viewing windows left 3x, size 22x11cm.
Viewing windows back 2x, size 6x9cm. 1x, size 22x11cm.
Material tube Robust, high-quality PVC, 1.7 mm thick. Dark green
External dimensions tube 150 cm Length, 112 cm Width
Internal dimensions of the tube 125 cm Length, 52 cm Width
Overall weight 6.1 kg.
Delivery includes Repair kit
Extra 1 Snoot/Lens cover (same camouflage pattern)
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