Beanbag 1, Saddle & Belt

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The Beanbag type 1, saddle and belt is the simplest and most practical beanbag available.

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Plus and minus points 

According to our photo hide specialist

+ Very stable thanks to the V-shape

+ Firm polyester

+ Suitable for many applications

+ Homemade camouflage pattern

+ High quality zippers

+ Practical carrying strap


Perfect stability

With its V-shape, it can easily be adapted to a variety of surfaces. In addition, the beanbag is equipped with an extra strap that makes it easy to carry and to attach as a counterweight. This strap is easy to adjust thanks to the adjustable clips that can be mounted in two lengths.

Use the bean bag to place your camera/lens firmly and stably on top for maximum support. You can also use it to rest on your camera/lens combination to silence vibrations. 
Another possibility is to use it as a counterweight underneith your tripod using the strap.

The beanbag is made of durable polyester and is easy to clean. On the top, it features our homemade camouflage pattern.
To fill the beanbag, use the high-quality zip. Beans, grains, peas or other organic materials are suitable for filling the beanbag.

The beanbag can be used on several surfaces: It is perfect for use when photographing from your car. But the beanbag is also perfect for use from a low photo guide (Falco series), on the ground (of the forest) or on a tree branch.

Experiences from our specialists

  Easy to carry thanks to the belt

  Zipper on 2 sides

  Stable thanks to the V-shape

  Compact size

Standard delivery

  • Beanbag type 1, saddle and belt


  • Weight: 260 grams
  • Size: 26 cm x 24.5 cm (LxW)

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