Transport Trolley 1 with Sunroof

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Buteo Photo Gear Transport Trolley 1 with Sunroof. 

Our Transport Trolley is improved by making a black matt coating and the loading point is also positively improved.

This makes the trolley with load even easier and lighter to transport in the field, even with a heavy camera bag and other photographic accessories such as a tripod or shelter.

The Buteo Photo Gear trolley is designed for use in all conditions and offers space for your backpack with equipment, ideal for (nature) photographers. The trolley is made of high quality materials such as wheels with needle bearings, durable and strong fabric, a lightweight aluminum frame, sunroof and a folding bracket for extra space.

The application of a needle bearing is similar to that of an ordinary ball bearing. The difference is in the speed and load. A needle bearing is better suited for high loads (because there is a linear contact instead of a point contact), but less suitable for high speeds. So for our trolleys the needle bearings are the best solution.

Versatile in use
The Buteo Photo Gear trolley is especially useful if you have a lot of equipment on the go and cannot transport everything in a backpack. You can do more with your equipment and you always have your hands free because you do not have to remove your backpack every time, for example a different lens. The trolley from Buteo Photo Gear can also be used as a seat and can carry about 110 kilograms of weight. The included sunroof protects you and your equipment from the sun. The Buteo Photo Gear trolley is a must for photographers who go on a lot of equipment.


  • Made of lightweight aluminu, black coated, matt
  • High-quality Nylon 600T
  • Wheels with needle bearings and pneumatic tires
  • Integrated sunroof
  • Foldable bracket for more loading space
  • About 80 centimeters wide
  • Easy to fold and transport in the car
  • Pocket for small items on the back
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