Camouflage net 3, White/Grey, 2,4 x 3 m, lightweight

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The Camouflagenet Snow White 2,4 x 3 m, lightweight is a large camouflage net yet lightweight, ideal to carry in bag or backpack.
If you are using on of our photo hides you might even want extra camouflage. With a camouflage net, you can achieve this. Even if you aren’t using a photo hide, a camouflage leaf netting is a great accessory to have. You can still hide yourself and take wonderful pictures.

Our camouflage net snow white is printed white on one side, the other side is light colored grey. The camo net has leaf cut and that's why the net looks very natural with different tones of white and light colored grey.
Our nets 
come in different colors that suits every situation. 

Advantages of ordering from us

  Ordered before 3 pm, shipped the same day.

  2-year warranty on your photo hide.

  Free exchange within 30 days.

  Safe buying and paying.

  14 days right of return.

  Own parts & service department.

Plus and minus points 

According to our photo hide specialist

+ Camouflages perfect with a 3D blater pattern by leafcut.

+ Printed on both sides: one side white, one light grey.

+ Size 2.4 x 3 meters, but folds small.

+ UV treated & waterproof.

+ Light weighted (0.74 kg)

+ Rot and fungus resistant

-  Only useful in snowy conditions.


Perfect camouflage

If you are often out in the field, you will soon realize that birds and mammals are very shy of people. 

Camouflaging yourself and your gear is the best solution for successful wildlife photography. The basic idea is that animals no longer see or recognize us as humans, and therefore do not feel threatened. Using a hide, a bag hide or a camouflage net can be very helpful.
This camouflagenet is big enough to cover you, your gear, your photographic hide or to camouflage your car. The camonet can of course be used to blend in your hide even more in snowy areas.
Printed on both sides: white and light grey camouflage pattern, created with a a 3D blater pattern by leafcut so useful at various occasions and different hides in wintertime.

Multiple use cases

  • Because this net is printed on both sides, it can be sed in different situations.
  • The camouflage leaf netting can also be useful as a background while shooting in case the natural background isn't pretty.

Experiences from our specialists

  Big enough to cover your hide, yourself or to camouflage your car .

  Two different colors/patterns so very useful.

  Easy to use within seconds.

  Fast fold down and store time in 20 seconds.

Standard delivery

  • Camouflagenet Snow White 2,4 x 3 m, lightweight
  • Storage bag

Please note: our camouflage nets are for outdoor use only!


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