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Camouflage for camera lenses

The snoot/lens cover is an accessory that can be mounted to all our hides we offer (except for the chair hides).
A snoot/lens cover camouflages your lens when photographing from a hide and protects it against rain and dust. An additional benefit is that your hands are invisible when you handle your gear.
If you want to take your nature photography from a hide to the next level, a camouflage for camera lenses is a must-have.

Advantages of ordering from us

  Ordered before 3 pm, shipped the same day.

  2-year warranty on your photo hide.

  Free exchange within 30 days.

  Safe buying and paying.

  14 days right of return.

  Own parts & service department.

Plus and minus points 

According to our photo hide specialist

+ Extra camouflage & protection of your lens.

+ Hydrostatic head of 2.500 mm for water-resistance.

+ Easy to attach.

+ Perfect camouflage pattern fits with the hide.

+ Camouflage for camera lenses that fits on all our current photohides.

+ Your hands are even more camouflaged/invisible.

-  Not standard delivered with the tent.


Lens Camouflage Developed by nature photographers

The snoot is made of the same strong material as our hides. All snoots are available in the same homemade camouflage leaves pattern which fits with the patterns/colors of our hides, and are black coated on the inside.
Attaching it to your hide is easy: remove the original window, then mount the snoot using the Velcro. This takes just a couple of seconds. After that, the snoot can be attached tightly to the lens or lens hood using the cord with clip. Directly above the snoot, there's an additional viewing window with insect screen, so you can keep an eye on the surroundings perfectly.
The camouflage for lenses is waterproof for normal rain conditions, but can always be additional watertight by using an impregnation spray.

Special offers:

In case you'r looking for a Buteo Mark II hide together with a snoot, we offer a special combi price.
In case you'r looking for an Aquila Mark II hide together with a snoot, we offer a special combi price.

At the Buteo Mark II series and the Aquila Mark II series multiple snoots can be used. This can be useful if you want to use additional photo windows, or in case you're with 2 photographers (Aquila).
In case you use one of the 
Falco Mark II or Falco Mark III series, just one snoot/lens camouflage cover is needed.

Experiences from our specialists

  Quickly attached to the hide.

  Interchangeable with all tents.

  Camouflages even better your gear.

  Strong fabric that can take a beating.

Standard delivery

  • Snoot / lens cover

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Specification Description
Design outside See description/title.
Design inside Black coated.
Fabric tent Polyester 150D.
Water-resistant tent Hydrostatic head 2.500 mm.
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