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Aquila Mark II Green & Snoot/Lens cover Green

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Portable wildlife and bird hide Aquila Mark II Green + Snoot/Lens cover Green  is a two-person photography hide that nature and wildlife photographers can use anywhere.
Our photo hide Aquila Mark II is the must-have for nature and wildlife photography if you prefer more space and comfort than our single person hide, if you want to shoot with 2 people from one tent or if you prefer more photo windows from one tent. 
Easy to carry, sets up in a minute and always in the right camouflage print. So this is the perfect gear for your next photo shoot.​

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December Deals   € 50 discount !

Advantages of ordering from us

  Ordered before 3 pm, shipped the same day.

  2-year warranty on your photo hide.

  Free exchange within 30 days.

  Safe buying and paying.

  14 days right of return.

  Own parts & service department.

Plus and minus points 

According to our photo hide specialist

+ Space for one or two people, chairs, photo gear, backpacks and more.

+ Hydrostatic head of 2.500 mm for water-resistance.

+ The perfect pop up hide for 2 men.

+ Perfect camouflage pattern.

+ High quality zippers with strings for less noise.

+ Improved springsteel pop-up construction.

Takes more space than the the single person hide

Set up with roof poles takes a little more time.


Developed by nature photographers

The Aquila Mark II was developed by nature and wildlife photographers: Extensively used, tested and adjusted where necessary. The Aquila Mark II is thé two-person pop up hide that we currently offer in no less than 6 camouflage patterns.

The improved spring steel construction means that this photohide can be set up and folded again and again without any problem. The hide will automatically come into shape. To achieve the ideal height, also insert the supplied fiberglass tent poles into the ridge of the tent. This also makes the tent perfectly weatherproof. Ready for use!

Perfect camouflage

If you are often out in the field, you will soon realize that birds and mammals are very shy of people.
Camouflaging yourself and your gear with a photographic hide is the best solution for successful wildlife photography. The basic idea is that the animals no longer see or recognize us as humans, and therefore do not feel threatened. With the Aquila Mark II hide, you are quickly and perfectly camouflaged, and that's why it is one of the best bird hides for photography.
photo hide, Buteo Photo Gear

Easy, quick and mobile

The advantage of having your own portable bird hide is that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere and deploy it quickly when an opportunity arises.

Lightweight and compact in size, this camouflage tent is easy to take with you when you are out and about in your local area, going further afield or even travelling by plane.

Prepare and pitch

It is fun and useful to visit a nature area and prepare well so you can start nature photography with your pop up hide for 2 men in a very focused way. But even an occasional encounter can turn into a great photo session because you can quickly put up this hide.

If possible, make use of existing vegetation, so that your photo blind becomes one with its surroundings. Set up your hide preferably the day or evening beforehand so that birds and mammals get used to it and you waist no time once you are in the area. The tent can be secured extra with the pegs and guy ropes provided.

The Aquila Mark II also has the option of attaching additional camouflage such as branches, leaves, reeds etcetera. These extras can be attached using the strings. If you do this properly, your hide will blend in even more with the area and that is exactly what it is meant to do as a bird & wildlife photography hide! Another possibility is to use an extra camouflage net, please feel free to check our page camouflage nets.
Make sure you still have a good view with your camera on all sides and levels you have in mind.

The tent fabric itself is made of a strong material (polyester 150D) that will last for a long period. The photo hide is perfect for use for short periods (up to several months). In case the hide is exposed in full sunlight for a longer period of time, the colour/camoprint may fade somewhat. During rain/showers you still keep dry because of the Hydrostatic Head of 2.500 mm. But keep in mind that the weather resistance can decrease a bit if it is left outside for months or even longer.

For a little more comfort, to keep your bag dry on the ground and to keep ticks and other unwanted guests away, you can use a ground sheet in your tent.

Imagine yourself waiting in your hide, perfectly prepared and ready for action! Suddenly this bird of prey, an egret, a badger or a red deer shows up! It is very exiting when you finally succeed and your target species shows up in front of your tent. For nature and wildlife photographers nothing beats the feeling of taking nice shots of birds  and wildlife, making it worth waiting. At that moment it is nice to rely on your gear and equipment!
photo hide, Buteo Photo Gear

Taking photographs from the pop up bird hide:

The door has a high quality zipper, stays nicely on the side and is additionally camouflaged equipped with an insect screen in the same camouflage print. So the photohide with the door (slightly) open is still perfectly camouflaged.

Once inside the portable tent, you’ll see that it is very dark because of the black coating on the inside. The viewing windows with an insect net on all sides give you just enough visibility to keep an eye on the surroundings. The pop up bird hide has plenty of space on the inside for you and possibly your mate. Space for one or two chairs, tripods with your photo gear mounted and some photo backpacks or bags. On one side there is an extra storage pocket where you can put some small stuff.

At the front you’ll find in total 4 photo windows. You can choose to shoot at eye level or at a low level position with two people at the same time. On the rightside two more photowindows can be used at eyelevel and on the leftside one photo window is positioned at eye level.

Optional it is possible to mount extra snoots / lens covers to these photo windows, which also camouflages your lens and protects it against possible rain and dust. An additional benefit is that your hands are invisible when you handle your gear.

So, if you're looking for the perfect spacious single or double, waterproof photo hide that's easy to carry, sets up quickly and always in the right camouflage print, the Aquila Mark II is the best option for you.

Experiences from our specialists:

  Enough space for one or two people + photogear. 

  Many photo and viewing windows at several levels.

  Pre-assembled poles for easy and fast set up / fold down.

  Lightweight tent so little extra weight.

  Invisible because of the dark coated inside.

  Strong fabric that can take a beating.

Standard delivery:

  • Photo hide Aquila Mark II Green
  • Snoot / lens cover green
  • Storage bag (Backpack style)
  • Pegs
  • Ropes
  • Small bag for pegs and ropes


At Buteo Photo Gear we are happy to give you our personal advice, so if you want to buy a photohide and need some help, please use our chat or send us an e-mail.

Buteo Photo Gear: Your Photo Hide Specialist

Specification Description
Person 2 Person hide
Design outside See description/title.
Design inside Black coated.
Material frame fibreglass
Construction Spring Steel construction.
Length tent 150 cm.
Width tent 150 cm.
Height tent 150 cm.
Fabric tent Polyester 150D.
Water-resistant tent Hydrostatic head 2.500 mm.
Photo windows front 4x at 20 cm & 72 cm (viewed from the bottom), size 19x35 cm.
Photo windows right 2x at 70 cm (seen from bottom), size 19x35 cm.
Photo windows left 1x, at 64 cm (seen from bottom), size 28x28 cm.
Viewing windows front 2x at 51 & 103 cm. (seen from bottom), size 19x6.5 cm.
Viewing windows right 2x at 112 cm. size 8x6 cm.
Viewing windows left 1x at 107 cm (seen from bottom), size 8x6 cm.
Viewing windows back 1x at 90 cm (seen from bottom), size 8x6 cm.
Overall weight 3.9 kg.
hide folded (in bag) 60 (round)x10 cm,(WxH), 3.9 kg.
Levering inclusief 8 pegs + bag, 4 guy ropes, store bag.
Extra 1 Snoot/Lens cover (same camouflage pattern)
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