Snoot / Lens Cover Reed+

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Snoot/Lens Cover Reed+

Do you want to be invisible for mammals and birds while photographing in your hide?

Our snoot/lenscover Reed+ is an accessory that can be mounted on the Buteo Mark II Reed+, Aquila Mark II Reed+or the Bivi Hide Falco Reed+.
For the Buteo Mark II Reed+ and the Aquila Mark II Reed+ multiple snoots can be used. This can be useful if you want to use an additional photo window, or in case you're with 2 photographers (Aquila).
The snoot is very easy to adapt with the Velcro. This takes just a couple seconds.
In case you use a Bivi Hide Falco Reed+, just one snoot/lens cover is needed.

The snoot consists of the same homemade camouflage leaves pattern and is in black coated. The snoot is waterproof for normal rain but can always be additional watertight by using an impregnation spray.

The snoot can be attached to the lens or lens hood using the cord with clip.

The top of the snoot has an additional window opening with insect screen so you can keep an eye on the animals just above your lens.


Material: Polyester

Measures:37.5 cm x 49.5 cm (WxL)

Weight: 80 grams

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